A buffet of services at your disposal

From print to digital, text to images… What’s your pick?

Branding & Marketing

For companies, the brand is the business. For customers, it’s all about the brand experience.
That’s why our campaigns are carefully tailored to promote and preserve brand value while driving a consistent message across diverse media platforms.

Corporate Identity

Logos, name cards, letterheads… essentials that every good company needs.
HarvestHub not only helps you come up with eye-catching designs but also ensures that each accurately represents your organisation’s business, values and positioning all in one neat package.

Web Design & Development

If you dream of a website that can keep up with your business or simply want to freshen up your existing look, you’ve come to the right place.
Our creative team prides itself on finding the right style and perfect tone that reflects your company, its mission and its values.

Desktop Publishing

Newsletters, magazines, posters, brochures, calendars and all sorts of marketing collaterals – we do it all.
And we take care of the whole process, from exceptional designs to precise printing to on-time deliveries right to your doorstep. It’s all in our good hands.

Graphic Design

Designs that work. That’s something we insist on.
We fine-tune each detail to meet your every expectation and our own high standards before it sees light of day. A little fussy? Perhaps. But necessary? Absolutely.


Bold designs catch the eye, but its bold words that sell.
That’s why we house copywriting as part of our collection of premium services, thus giving you the best of both worlds and the perfect creative solution for your business.


A picture tells a thousand words? Make that ten thousand.
We believe a good image will complement a good copy and accentuate the message it would like to portray. You can count on us to weave a good visual story for your audience.

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