STORM Magazine

STORM Magazine
STORM Magazine SCOPE : Creative ConceptualisationDesktop Publication AWARD : The BriefClient wishes to design a magazine that looks unique and is able to stand out from other publications.The SolutionThe team came up with a landscape design which immediately sets it apart from other magazines on the bookshelves.  The unusual layout inside the magazine adds to [...]Continue reading

Foodwear Catalogue

Foodwear Catalogue SCOPE : Creative ConceptualisationDesktop PublicationPhotography Advice The BriefClient wishes to design a catalogue which doesn’t feel like an ordinary catalogue that merely showcases their products.The SolutionThe team proposed infusing a fashion theme to the catalogue since the products were apparels worn primarily in the F&B industry.  The client, being conservative, was initially pretty [...]Continue reading

The Singapore Marketer

The Singapore Marketer SCOPE : Creative ConceptualisationDesktop PublicationMasthead Design The BriefThe Singapore Marketer magazine congregates the latest trends and issues that concern marketers today.  Client wished to make this magazine a top choice of magazine for marketers after the revamp.The SolutionThe team understands the dynamic significance this magazine brings to Marketers and how it affects [...]Continue reading

Mendaki Champions Kit

Mendaki Champions Kit SCOPE : Creative ConceptualisationDesktop PublicationPrinting & Production The BriefClient wishes to find an all-in-one design agency that is able to design and print its informative collaterals.The SolutionThe team had several discussions with the client and proposed a solution that is cost effective, with the recipients also being able to add in their [...]Continue reading

CBP Gives

CBP Gives SCOPE : Creative ConceptualisationWebsite DesignWebsite DevelopmentWebsite MaintenanceProject ManagementCampaign Logo Design The BriefCBP Gives is a Changi Business Park community project, led by corporates, aimed at raising awareness of the needs of the underprivileged, and promoting volunteerism and philanthropy among businesses, in support of our shared community.  HarvestHub Design Studio is honoured to be [...]Continue reading

Borneo Motors Singapore

Borneo Motors Singapore SCOPE : Creative ConceptualisationDesktop Publication The BriefClient wished to have a poster designed within the same working day.The SolutionIn the essence of time, and without a proper brief, the team had a quick discussion with the client over the phone and gathered as much information as possible to develop the artwork.  We [...]Continue reading

Citi-BB Share-a-Gift

Citi-BB Share-a-Gift SCOPE : Creative ConceptualisationWebsite DesignWebsite DevelopmentWebsite MaintenanceProject Management The BriefClient wishes to have a platform to allow their staff to fulfill wishes for their designated beneficiaries electronically.The SolutionThe team listened and understood the requirements of the client and got off to work immediately to develop the portal.  The end result & service rendered [...]Continue reading

Nam Soon Timber

Nam Soon Timber SCOPE : Creative ConceptualisationWebsite DesignWebsite MaintenanceWebsite Optimisation The BriefClient wished to have a website in order to reach out to a wider audience and for more people to be more informed about the timber products.The SolutionThe team developed a mobile responsive website which is clean and simple to navigate. Regular updates were [...]Continue reading


eXplorerkid SCOPE : Creative ConceptualisationDesktop Publication The BriefClient wished to design a poster that appeals to kids and adults visually.The SolutionAlthough this seemed to be a simple project, there were many elements inside the poster (i.e. client’s mascots and the various cartoon characters).  Hence the team opted to have a straightforward design without having the [...]Continue reading

MIS Annual Report

MIS Annual Report SCOPE : Creative ConceptualisationDesktop Publication The BriefClient has been engaging us to design their Annual Reports for the last few years.  The challenge is always to keep the design fresh and bring the messages across to the readers in the clearest way.The SolutionThe team will usually developed a few proposals for the [...]Continue reading